You want your space Green & Clean, no worries! 

But have you also considered the Unseen?

The energy that pervades your four walls,

in the air, in your belongings is invisible and alive,

but is it well? How does it feel?

Soma Leaf Space Revitalization is like a holistically blissful day at the spa, we cleanse everything, and your space comes out  feeling completely renewed and exactly how you need it to feel at home. 

Servicing Greater Victoria, Sidney, and the Southern gulf islands, BC

from pender island with love

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Our Highest Vision

In our vision of the future, the world is a cleansed place. It has cleaned up its environmental messes, it has realized restored balance and harmony within all ecological, financial, social, political, and educational systems. It has cleansed its relationship with the material world, recognizing and valuing the life that resides in all things. People have honed their abilities to create purposefully and passionately without fear of reprimand, ridicule, or judgement. In order to do this, we must look to the reason why we are in the state we are, this starts with Energy.

This world is a place to create your biggest, wildest, 

or simplest dreams you can imagine. 

Are you with us?

How We Cleanse

A great surgeon does not perform surgery unless they themselves are trained and know what the client is in need of.  We take our service seriously, therefore we spend time with our clients to get to know their space, get to know them, understand how their space makes them feel now and how they would like it to going forward.  We are merely facilitators in a process of union between people and their space, what happens next is up to the spontaneity of the moment.

Through our work we have come to understand that energy of the spaces we operate and live can be cleansed and returned to an intentionally positive place, and this in turn affects every aspect of how your space feels.  Whether it has been under the influence of negative emotions, fear-based mindsets, toxic chemicals, or electromagnetic signals, we can influence and change the overall health and well-being of our space through the conscious use of plants (oils and herbs), Eco-friendly technology (crystals, minerals, frequency emitters, organite etc.), or intentional sound frequencies, all designed to cleanse the space of its negative energetic accumulation, and to secondly reintroduce intentional energies to support the optimal health and well-being of its owners.

And then we clean. But with intention. With Love. In Service. In our Growth. For an investment in Self.


The way people feel in their space afterwords is simply beyond words.

When you are in a cleansed space you feel it from the essence of your being.  Cleansing creates a symbiotic union between you and your space's highest potential.  Not your average clean eh?

Servicing Greater Victoria, Vancouver, and the Southern gulf islands, BC

From Pender Island, With Love


Reasons to Cleanse Your Space

What People Have Said

We cannot stress how important cleansing your entire space holistically is. We are doing so little for the overall potential of our space if we are simply cleaning it without loving intentions, addressing energetic imbalances, and cleansing the air.  Some of this has been forgotten by our society, but like anything real and authentic, it is being remembered.  One step into your fully revitalized space you will wonder why you haven't been doing this your whole life. Wow! When we introduce sound, sacred plants and their oils, and our most loving intentions, your space will come alive and respond to you in ways unimaginable! This is about you after all.

In the drive to rid our home of toxins that have a negative effect on our well being and environment, I found Soma Leaf products a breath of fresh air. Emily and her hand crafted products transformed the energy of every corner of my home from mundane to sacred. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience of having Emily and Soma Leaf in my home.

~ Pender Island, B.C.

Soma Leaf has been taking care of our rental property for over a year and we couldn't be more pleased! They do an exceptional job not only cleaning our home but caring for it. They treat it as if it were their own home. I am so thankful to have them take care of our home away from home.

~ Pender Island, B.C.

The house itself is bright, fresh, [and] extremely clean...

~ VRBO Guest Pender Island, B.C.

I've had some struggles finding home on Pender and Jon was able to help me see clearly things that were hidden to me in my space and understand why they might be the way they were... It was incredible how light I felt after our session and how much energy I had for my space. I immediately finally 'moved in' after he left and had such a positive feeling about my space. I highly recommend [Soma Leaf's] services to anyone looking for anything from focused insight to more creative ideas about your space and all done with professionalism, a good heart & your best interest and your words/ideas guiding the way! 

Pender Island, B.C.

Our family is so grateful to have had [Soma Leaf] come in and settle energy in our home. There was some scary unhappy unseeable stuff happening, particularly in a few spots in our home. My older son was also not able to sleep and was very aware of something scary all on his own understanding. We have not experienced the scary stuff and noises again since Jon was here. My son is also sleeping much better. Thank you so much for being in our lives and working hard to make our home safe and happy! We really are so great full!

~ Pender Island, B.C.

We did a small group meditation and Jon called in his spirit team to purge the entities. This was done remotely from Jon’s home and we were actually able to sense the departure of these energies as they left, one particularly large one was especially noticeable. Upon our return home that evening we could feel the difference, that the lightness had returned and we had our home back! Jon facilitated this feat early in his new calling to energy work and clearly demonstrated his gifts and abilities. 

Pender Island, B.C.

The elements of Nature create everything.

Why would we not recognize them in your space?


Cleansing Consultants

Emily Martin
Jon Martin

Emily is all-in-green!  She has been transforming her lifestyle and her home for the past decade. As a green living consultant, Emily has revolutionized the way her and her family live from every aspect of health & wellness. Whether it is making her own soaps, lotions and potions, cooking amazingly healthy creations, or creating high-vibe cleaning products that make spaces feel exquisite, Emily is on a mission to make the planet a better place for everyone and everything.  Her presence alone will cleanse your space! 

Jon is a mystical energy worker that focuses on bridging a balance between unseen energetic and seen physical material.  As a walker-between-the worlds Jon has the ability to feel into energy, understand its implications and then transform it back to its most healthy, and optimal state possible. This is where people can truly integrate with their space as the intentions are their own and the results are nothing short of Magical. Jon is a spiritual guide, healer, and transformational coach. See more at:

Our Story

At the root of all we stand for is a desire for greater peace, freedom of self, and stronger connections to ourselves, others, the material world, nature, and that which is unseen.  Change yourself first they say. We took this to heart and after epic self-cleansing journeys we feel we are ready to help the world cleanse too.

The word Soma has so many deep and profound meanings associated with it. It in its true essence, Soma indicates a life force that moves through the natural world that connects us all.  This is the essence with which we cleanse space.  Bringing the natural, material, and super natural together in a perfect triad of balance.

Spaces feel stunning after !

We exited the big city in December of 2015 and found ourselves raising a family in Pender Island, BC. Many synchronicities occurred to get us out here and to equip us with the ability to do this type of work. 

We have for a long time wanted to make a difference in the world. We realized very quickly that the difference needed to come from within.  Cleansing spaces has been something we have developed a passion around not only in the immediate benefits that people feel with and within their space but how it makes us feel as well. We are in this together as one.

All of our experiences have led us here offering what feel is the purest, most holistic approach to cleanse and clean everything a space has to offer and when you realize its potential, you may just realize your own.

Cleaning on a physical level is not enough.  Truly cleansing on a physical level requires us to be in tune with the natural frequencies of the energetic level within a space. How does the air feel? Does the energy of the space leave us feeling drained or renewed? How much love have we shown our physical space? What we show it, will reflect back to us.

So many unbelievable intricate synchronicities have come together to allow us to offer this truly progressive and revolutionary service that has the health and wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants at the forefront of our mission. We love and it shows in our work.

Anything is possible and you are soooo worth it!

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Servicing Greater Victoria, Sidney, and the Southern gulf islands, BC

Soma Leaf Space Revitalization

a Pender Island, BC Inspiration with LOVE

Tel: 204-914-8128


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Oh the feeling of being one with your space...

At home, in the office, in the car, anywhere can feel fulfilled. 

You are the Ultimate Cleanser.


        with Love, Emily & Jon